About the Scope

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At The Scope, founder Alicia Brunker curates an exclusive collection of luxury furnishings and decor from established and emerging designers that she believes are the icons of our generation. Through editorial content and tactful product descriptions, the e-commerce platform peels back the layers of hand-craftsmanship and honest materials that shape each item on the website. The talent showcased on The Scope form a private members club that operates on the singular mission of educating buyers about the artful aspects of design.

Oftentimes, we aren’t armed with the proper knowledge of why what we’re buying is considered valuable and the potential it has to increase in significance over time. The Scope will break that cycle by promoting an informative discussion around a homeware’s materiality and bespoke quality, revolutionizing the shopping experience from a mindless task to a meaningful skill.



Meet the Founder

After earning her master’s degree in journalism at New York University, The Scope’s founder Alicia Brunker has given a voice to rising and established talent through her editorial work. With her journalistic experience as a freelance writer, Alicia has contributed to a variety of publications, including Architectural Digest, T: The New York Times Style Magazine, Departures, and Women’s Wear Daily, focusing on subjects immersed in luxury design and art.

Her curiosity in the craftsmanship of high-end furnishings and decor has taken her around the world, including Sweden, China, Switzerland, Paris, and London. These journeys across the globe and extensive reportage in the luxury market have allowed Alicia to develop an irreverent eye for quality design that she is eager to share with a larger audience beyond the limits of the creative communities in New York City. And, as a result, The Scope was born — a private members club that puts the designer’s story at the forefront.