Elephant Ear Porcelain Leaf by Katie Ridley Murphy

Elephant Ear Porcelain Leaf by Katie Ridley Murphy

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Katie Ridley Murphy

“I was driving one day and pulled off to the side of the road to cut this leaf out of someone’s garden,” recalls Atlanta-based artist Katie Ridley Murphy of the heart-shaped Elephant Ear leaf. Endlessly inspired by the nature that surrounds her in the South, Ridley Murphy honors its beauty with life-like porcelain sculptures. Like all of her specimens, Ridley Murphy recreates the Elephant Leaf’s shape and heft by hand through a subtractive carving technique, adding the tiny details with an X-Acto knife and old sewing needles. However, this particular piece posed its own set of challenges. In order to form the leaf’s distinctive curls and waves from the underside, Ridley Murphy builds up the area with foam and napkins so it doesn’t slump prior to penciling the plant’s veins. “You have to catch it just at the right moment before you start carving,” she adds. 

Dimensions: 12”L to 20”L  ($150 per additional inch)

*Pictured: 20”L x 14”W

Material: Porcelain

Lead Time: 3 to 4 weeks

Customization available, please inquire at info@thescopenyc.com.