Ernest Old Fashion Glasses by Mark Pavlovits

Ernest Old Fashion Glasses by Mark Pavlovits


Mark Pavlovits

Named after British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton, the Ernest Old Fashion glasses are designed as ideal additions to the Mackinlay scotch whiskey bottles the former merchant navy officer buried in Antartica when abandoning his camp in 1907. Still in tact, the bottles were discovered 100 years later with the glass worn down from the freezing temperatures, inspiring designer Mark Pavlovits to recreate the look for his own collection of glassware. “I didn’t want these to be symmetrical cups,” he says. “The form, of course, had to be rooted in a traditional cup, but weathered, as if time kind of took away at it.” The textured body of the glass — which Pavlovits painstakingly carved every nook and cranny by hand — is balanced by a heavy, polished base. 

Set of two

Dimensions: 3.375”L x 3.25”D x 3.75 (7 fluid ounces per glass)

Material: Non-leaded colorless glass

Lead Time: 3 to 4 weeks