Ernest Tasting Glasses by Mark Pavlovits

Ernest Tasting Glasses by Mark Pavlovits


Mark Pavlovits

More than half the size of the Ernest Old Fashion drinkware — but still slightly larger than a traditional shot glass — the tasting glasses are meant for slowly sipping high-quality spirits. Embodying the same weathered aesthetic as its counterpart, the body of the cups are textured by hand in order to mimic the look of a frozen bottle of whiskey that British explorer Sir Ernest Shackleton left behind in Antartica more than a century ago. “I carved the mold for the glasses by hand and it literally took two months, which is really crazy to consider since it’s such a small piece,” explains designer Mark Pavlovits of the glass’s tactile appearance. “I could only work on it for about an hour or two a day because my hand would cramp up, hence the long lead time.” After he blows the glass into the mold, Pavlovits fine-tunes the form, grinding and polishing the lips and base into smooth curves. 

Set of two

Dimensions: 2.875”L x 2.75”D x 2.75”H (3 fluid ounces per glass)

Material: Non-leaded colorless glass

Lead Time: 3 to 4 weeks