Tulip Planters by Eny Lee Parker

Tulip Planters by Eny Lee Parker

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Eny Lee Parker

With tulips as a rotating staple in designer Eny Lee Parker’s home, the Brooklyn-based creative originally wanted to recreate the flower’s chalice silhouette as table legs, but mechanically it didn’t work out. “I still liked the shape, so I reconfigured them into planters,” says Parker. “With the lip protruding outward — it creates this really beautiful form that feels more fluid than the traditional straight up and down options on the market.” Fill the potter with your choice of botanicals — real or faux. 


Small: 10”L x 12”H

Medium: 12”L x 14”H

Large: 16”L x 18”H 

X-Large: 20”L x 22”H

Materials: Ceramic

Lead Time: 6 to 8 weeks

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