Arc Sconce by Farrah Sit

Arc Sconce by Farrah Sit


Farrah Sit

The Arc sconce received its name from electric arcs, or the visible light that’s created when two electrode currents interact through the air. The fixtures’s two porcelain cones easily double as the electrodes, while the curved brass tubing that separates them creates a similar bend of light when illuminated. “I wanted to see at what distance between these two super sharp cones that you could still captivate the tension,” says designer Farrah Sit of the piece. “If you push them too close together, the energy shifts. It was all about finding the right harmony.”

Dimensions: 5.5”W x 7.5”D x 21.5”H

Illumination: 2 x 6W LED (not included)

Lead Time: 12 to 16 weeks

Customization available, please inquire at

Matte Stoneware:
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