Loop I Pendant by Materia

Loop I Pendant by Materia

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The Loop I pendant draws its inspiration from the graceful draping of clothing by luxury womenswear brands. “We were looking at avant garde designers like Rei Kawakubo at Commedes Garçons or Dries Van Noten, who use unusual structured volumes in space to eclipse outside and around the body,” says designer Megan Sommerville of Materia. Upon installation, the goat parchment shades take on a second life, as they experience an acclimatization process when calibrating to not only the lightbulb’s effect, but also the room.

Dimensions: 8”D x 8”W x 44”H

Materials: Natural Goatskin Parchment and Brass

Illumination: T10 4W LED (40W Incandescent Equivalent) Dimmable Lamp (not included)

Lead Time: 8 to 10 weeks

Customization available, please inquire at info@thescopenyc.com.

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