OOO Floor Lamp by Eny Lee Parker

OOO Floor Lamp by Eny Lee Parker


Eny Lee Parker

Expanding upon her Oo Lamp series, designer Eny Lee Parker crafted a light specifically designated for the floor. “Everyone thinks this iteration was directly inspired by a cacti because of its shape and color, but, to be honest, we just wanted to make a larger size of our signature lamp,” explains Parker. “However, it looked very empty with just the single shades, so we filled it in with more bulbs.” With the exception of additional glass shades, the floor lamp preserves the original light’s organic composition that’s mean to resemble the human body’s natural curves.

Dimensions: 56”-58”H x 30-32”W

Material: Unglazed Ceramic, Brushed Metal, and Satin Glass

*Custom colors are painted directly onto the ceramic. Body paint options can be found here.

Illumination: 5W LED G25 Medium, 350 Lumens, dimmable (included, upon request)

Lead Time: 8 to 12 weeks

Customization available, please inquire at

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