Ooo Lamp by Eny Lee Parker

Ooo Lamp by Eny Lee Parker


Eny Lee Parker

With a similar methodology in mind as her original Oo Lamp, designer Eny Lee Parker adds a third ceramic base to her signature lighting series for a larger width. By utilizing the same hand-building method to form the fixture’s shape, no two pieces are ever identical. “It’s very freeing,” Parker says of the process. “Every piece is slightly different from the other, but they all maintain the same aesthetic. However, I think this particular iteration with the three bases is just so special.”    

Dimensions: 34”H x 26”W

Materials: Unglazed Ceramic, Brushed Metal, and Satin Glass

*Custom colors are painted directly onto the ceramic. Body paint options can be found here.

Illumination: 5W LED G25 Medium, 350 Lumens, dimmable (included, upon request)

Lead Time: 8 to 12 Weeks

Customization available, please inquire at

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