Satin Khora by Farrah Sit

Satin Khora by Farrah Sit


Farrah Sit

The Satin Khora chandelier began as a cosmic collaboration between designer Farrah Sit and ceramicist Biata Roytburd. Hand-thrown porcelain pendants dangle from a strand of satin brass, as if they are floating in space. “At the time, I was looking at Stanley Kubrick’s Space Odyssey,” recalls Sit. “Back then, people thought of space travel and the future as this creepy unknown, so I wanted to convey a super eery feeling with the design.”

Dimensions: 20.5”D x 50”H

Illumination: BI Pin Halogen with Transformer. Supplied with 15” diameter white canopy and suspends using a brass rod to be cut to desired OAL.

Materials: Matte Porcelain and Satin Brass

Lead Time: 12 to 16 weeks

Customization available, please inquire at

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