Membership Tiers


Tier I

Our entry-level membership offering allows designers to capitalize on The Scope's e-commerce and editorial capabilities. Through effective storytelling, our team will bring your brand's narrative to a larger audience, highlighting the handcrafted quality of your collection. Other benefits include social media promotion, strategic introductions, and newsletter spotlights.

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Tier II

In addition to the perks of a Tier I membership, our intermediary subscription takes your brand's individuality a step further while working closely with The Scope's founder to identify marketing targets and sales goals. A dedicated photo shoot of your studio and inclusion in partnership events — such as collaborative exhibitions and pop-up shops — will provide consumers with a deeper understanding of your design point of view.


Tier III

The Scope's VIP package covers all the bases. As a more personalized version of a Tier II title, our highest-ranking members will receive extra face-time with the founder and further support. Not only will The Scope organize photo shoots devoted to your product lineup, but our team will also host a private dinner party or event in your honor, connecting you with press and seasoned design collectors.

Please inquire about The Scope’s membership program and pricing at