Halo Table by Erickson Aesthetics

Halo Table by Erickson Aesthetics

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Erickson Aesthetics

Available in several luxe material pairings, the Halo table is an expression of two intersecting geometries. With the cone-shaped base piercing through the circular tabletop, a resemblance to an angel’s halo appears. “This piece just popped out of the ether for me — I don’t even remember doing a drawing. I just started building,” says designer Ben Erickson of Erickson Aesthetics. “I love the severe minimalism of a plane bisecting a purely geometric form.”


Birch: 20”W x 39”D x 15”H

Brass: 26”W x 52”D x 16”H

Bronze: 26”W x 57”D x 16”H

Lead Time: 8 to 10 weeks

Customization available, please inquire at info@thescopenyc.com.

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