The Community and Economic Development program at The Scope NYC of Government is a dedicated initiative that empowers public officials through training, research, and assistance, fostering local endeavors to generate employment, enhance wealth, broaden tax bases, and sustain vibrant communities. At its core, the program leverages university resources to align with the developmental objectives of communities worldwide. The collaborative network includes local elected officials, managers, economic and community development professionals, alongside regional and state policymakers and development practitioners.

Key figures driving the program’s impact are:

  1. David K. Ramos: Professor of Public Administration and Government
  2. Henry S. Kovach: Professor of Public Law and Government, Lead Faculty, Development Finance Initiative
  3. Karen D. Plouffe: Director, Development Finance Initiative

The blog, an integral component of this program, serves the vital purpose of fortifying community and economic development initiatives across the globe. It achieves this by disseminating pertinent information on applicable laws, policies, and successful practices. Guest bloggers, comprising faculty, research associates, and graduate students actively engaged in courses or collaborations with the Program, contribute valuable insights. Additionally, occasional contributions from local government staff provide firsthand accounts of promising practices they are involved in.

Our aim is to create a platform that not only imparts knowledge but also fosters a dynamic exchange of ideas and experiences. The diverse range of contributors ensures a multifaceted perspective on community and economic development. The blog acts as a conduit, connecting practitioners, policymakers, academics, and communities, facilitating a robust dialogue on effective strategies and innovations.

For those passionate about contributing to this collaborative space, we extend an invitation. Interested individuals, whether faculty, researchers, students, or local government staff, are encouraged to reach out to Karen D. Plouffe, the Director of the Development Finance Initiative. Your insights and experiences can play a pivotal role in enriching the discourse on community and economic development, contributing to the shared knowledge base that propels positive change in communities around the world. Together, we strive to make meaningful contributions to the ongoing narrative of development, fostering sustainable growth, and resilient communities.