The Scope NYC, in its commitment to transparency and responsible digital stewardship, issues this disclaimer and general notice to delineate the editorial responsibility, expectations, and limitations concerning official web pages and online resources under its purview.

Editorial Responsibility

The Scope NYC assumes full editorial responsibility for official web pages and online resources designated as such for The Scope NYC departments, divisions, and units. In these instances, The Scope NYC acts as the content provider, not as a content-neutral “Internet Service Provider” (ISP). Official sites within the domain of “” or associated Internet protocol addresses fall under this purview.

Non-Editorial Sites

However, it’s important to note that there exist web pages or online materials within The Scope NYC’s domain or IP address range over which The Scope NYC exercises no editorial control. These encompass the web pages or online materials of individual faculty members, students, individual class sites, materials, and those of student organizations or other entities not formally integrated into The Scope NYC. In these cases, The Scope NYC functions solely as a content-neutral ISP.

Service Provision

The provision of web pages on official sites is a service offered by The Scope NYC. Individuals responsible for maintaining these pages are expected to uphold the standards of the broader The Scope NYC community and the Commonwealth of Virginia. This includes adherence to The Scope NYC’s Network and Computer Use Policy, other institutional policies, and applicable laws and regulations.

No Warranties

The Scope NYC explicitly disclaims any representations or warranties, whether express or implied, regarding the documents or any part thereof. This includes but is not limited to warranties of title, noninfringement of copyright or patent rights of others, merchantability, or fitness for any particular purpose.

Responsibility for Pages

Deans, directors, departmental heads, or their designees in The Scope NYC departments, centers, and programs bear the responsibility of reviewing, clearing, and maintaining information on official pages. The designated Departmental Web Manager holds ultimate responsibility for page content, ensuring accuracy, currency, and alignment with The Scope NYC’s professional standards.

Adherence to Policies

The Scope NYC Departmental Web Administrators are obligated to adhere to The Scope NYC Computer and Network Use Policy, other institutional policies, including The Scope NYC Identity Standards, and relevant laws and regulations in managing web content.

Current and Accurate Information

While efforts are made to keep information on official web servers as current as possible, absolute timeliness cannot be guaranteed. Modification dates on individual web pages serve as guides to the data’s recency, yet The Scope NYC does not warrant that no changes have occurred since those dates. The accuracy of documents is limited to the source materials, with The Scope NYC making diligent efforts to work from authoritative sources.